Your Weakness is My Pleasure


I hear it all the time, “You’re a very intimidating person. Just the way you walk, your presence, your personality”. My response to it often times is “ Good, I want it that way”, with a laugh. Often times I’m perceived as a bitch, or even an asshole. I’ll take it all. As long as you don’t try to diminish my character. You, see the problem with most people is their inability to handle realness. They’re used to everything being sugar coated, or they’re used to being disrespectful and getting away with it. And the minute they come across a real person who doesn’t stand for their shit, they wana throw labels to define your character. Fuck it! I’ll take the labels. Sometimes I can most definitely be a bitch, I can most definitely be an asshole, as everyone can. It really doesn’t matter what people say when it comes down to the bigger picture, but it is sad when judgement is passed merely by looking at the cover of the book.


See, some people are so quick to immediately think I’m a bitch, or stuck up because I carry myself in a certain way, or because I may be physically appealing. Truth is, that hate and judgement thrown at me is because of their own weakness and insecurities. Why the fuck you mad at me because of who I am? Especially if I have no bearing on your life. Some people will even meet me with an attitude and expect that I don’t react. The fuck you think this is robot-ville. I’m human, you meet me with a certain action better believe there will be a reaction.


But then I catch myself, then pull back and analyze it. You just came at me crazy for no apparent reason. Then, I flip my wig, I end up in trouble, and you motherfucker are still a weak, insecure person! Nah…I’ve been there. Done it. It got me no where. You know the saying don’t get even get money. Yeah so I figure I can say “fuck you” in a different way. I sure as hell don’t have the time to come down to your level to gratify you because you suffer from attention deprivation.