You are Enough

The title said,  “Adele’s new song “Hello” would have everyone reaching for tissues.” Loving Adele, and her talent to pull out every heart wrenching feeling ever felt from a break up or hard time, I had to listen right away. Amazing song to say the least. I was hoping it would bring me to tears physically, as I’ve been feeling that I need a good cry.


It had me thinking that I didn’t know this side of myself. I didn’t know the single Tasha. I didn’t know the Tasha who wasn’t in love, the Tasha who was just all about loving and caring for someone else. I didn’t know the Tasha who had no one to give all her love to.

Adele’s hello reminded me of the guys who I spoke to who often sang the same song, with apologies and regrets. “You’re so amazing, you’re like super woman, you’re such a great girl and blah, blah blah, blah blah…. ”

So if this is the case then why this?

How come I have no one to love, or no one to love me. How come everyone’s so intimidated? Isn’t that often what they wish for? A great girl, beautiful, strong, independent, ambitious, loving, kind? So why then do they run from it…? From me…? Is it a case of easier said than done, or that people no longer rise to the occasion of a challenge?


And while I really enjoy being single, because it has  given me an opportunity to heal, and grow, and learn a little more about myself,  I’m  asking these questions, because I really want to know. I’ve asked myself, “I wonder what is it? Is it me? Do I have to be different? Or I must just have been attracting all the wrong people?”
Then I asked my friends. And they said, ” it’ll take someone very secure within himself to be with you, because you are dope, you are strong, and you don’t need anybody, so just chill till that person comes along.” And then in that moment I realized that even thinking I had to change, or dumb down was absolutely crazy. Truth be told, I do rather be patient. I do wana wait for that person who actually does complement me.


I found out that many people have a lot of those same question when it comes to love. Yes, men included. If you really are a great person, then there’s no need to change. Just remember your worth, be patient, and never ever settle. More importantly, don’t get bitter !