Finding Courage & Wisdom in Darkness (Part 1)


What is courage:

Webster’s dictionary defines courage as mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

1). The first step to courage is to not play the victim, even though someone else has violated you or hurt you.

2). We find courage when we say to ourselves “ I never want to be in this position again”. So we push and we do better.



3). Courage and instant gratification do not go hand in hand.

4). Don’t be afraid to face your feelings, as painful as it may be. When we ignore our feelings, short term, it may feel good. However, if we never properly heal from some kind of trauma it most definitely will show up in other parts of your life, which then complicates those parts of your life. So be courageous in facing your hurt. Acknowledge your pain, understand why you feel what you feel, and work through it. Ignoring it and constantly allowing it to show up in other parts of your life is way more detrimental than taking the proper steps and time to progress through it properly.

5). Gratitude brings courage. When we focus our attention on the darkness that we’re experiencing, it discourages us. We feel sad, lonely, afraid, hopeless, depressed. When we focus our energy on what we still have in our lives , then we find strength and courage to keep pushing. If we focus on what we have in our lives that’s going right, we remain hopeful and we continue to see the light despite the darkness we may be going through.


6). I always found courage when I said to myself , “it could be worse”. Things could be bad, but there is always something left to be grateful for. It can always be worse. When it feels like all hope is lost think of what you still have. For many of us, when we’re going through something tough we can actually call upon someone for comfort. While someone else may not have that. That’s a positive. For those of us who may not have someone to call upon, we’re strong enough to talk ourselves through it. That too is a positive.  Many people are not even that strong. So they soothe through using drugs or alcohol, which in many cases leads to addiction, and in more serious cases death. So never take for granted your strength and blessings in a situation, no matter how bad it may appear to be.  Because it can always be worse.

7). We’re bravest and most daring when we listen to that little voice inside our head . Our instinct. Our gut always knows when something is the move in the right or wrong direction. So many times we end up in darkness because we ignored what we knew was the right decision. A lot of times that’s because of fear, or self doubt. We allow fear to govern and rule over what’s best for us, and many times end up in a place of darkness. Caroline Myss once considered that to be self betrayal. Where we go against our instincts, because of fear. If we remained more present and paid attention to that little voice in our heads many of our decisions would be different.