I am Tasha Belle



Start this journey without having any expectations of who you think I am. Right now….. let go of all your preconceived notions and ideas of my persona, my life, and my personal experience. Just remain open, and judgement free.

My given name, Tasha Cyril. Affectionately given different titles by loved ones, such as, Tash, Tashy, Taty, Tasha Belle and Spice. All in all though I am still the same person.

I was born blue. I’d rather not say half dead. Lack of oxygen or something, but I made it. I was birthed by a 20 year old girl, who left her mother’s home to make a better life for herself.

I came from extremely humble beginnings. As cliché as it may sound, that’s how my story was written. You don’t choose which family you’re born into. Would I change anything? When I was younger, I surely would have. As I grew older I learned to embrace the little that we had. If you didn’t like me because my worldly possessions were so meager, then I knew who my friends were. Was I embarrassed by what little I had some days? Absolutely. I have however, stayed true to myself and never casted an eye of envy at anyone or their possessions. Learning to be happy with what I had and living within my means was one of the greatest lessons I got from my mother. She worked really hard, to ensure that I had all the essentials, like many single parents do.

Papa… Well he was a “rolling stone.” I know, another cliché. Think I’m joking? I’m the last of 14 kids. Yes I said 14. Well 14 I know about….. My siblings and I joke about it all the time. Of the 14 of us, his wife is the mother of 5. Never mind that they were married for majority of the time that he was spreading his seeds. Daddy must have been putting the mack down… I mean what else can I say. He truly was a lady’s man.






At 16, Mommy left me and never looked back. She said it was for a, “better life.” ‘Til this day I wonder for whom. I ended up making a better life for myself, by myself. Dad…?  Well, he passed me on to my sister after my mom left. Did they both reject me? I think reject might be a bit of a strong word. It did however make me feel like I wasn’t wanted, and that I was not enough. I just thought that anyone who didn’t want me as part of their life must be crazy! Or maybe I’m the crazy one.



My friend and I in my yard, St.lucia


I ventured off to NYC at 18. On a quest to attain my bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology (which almost didn’t happen). I also pursued modeling, which didn’t succeed on the scale I wanted it to. But again, no regrets. ‘Til this day I’m still here. I left twice, but had to come back. I feel like no where can love me like New York can. I’ve found a family I feel at home with. They’re amazing. Perhaps the best thing that’s happened to me. Great friends. Great relationships.  Some relationships that were not so great.


Mommy & I after church, St.Lucia


The rest is left to be seen though. People surprise me every day, good and bad. More times bad than good.
I’m not gona lie, I’m a little tarnished now, but stronger. My character hasn’t changed, but I’m a lot less trusting of people. I still remain positive because with or without anyone’s support I’ve always made it through hard times. So, I’m going to continue on that path. Keep following me and see how I do. Go ahead, and take a look into my journey.